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T-122.102 Timetable 2004

In T4 on Tuesdays at 14-16 o'clock. The presentations are based on articles listed on the literature page. Please read the corresponding articles before presentations.

Date     Presenter Topic Slides Summary
20 Jan Kai Puolamäki Introduction to the topics and organizational isssues PDF
27 Jan No seminar
3 Feb Pasi Lehtimäki Gärtner: A Survey of Kernels for Structured Data PDF PDF
10 Feb Jarkko Salojärvi Pritchard, Stephens, Donnelly: Inference of Population Structure Using Multilocus Genotype Data PDF PDF
17 Feb Jaakko Peltonen Blei, Ng, Jordan:Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Buntine: Variational Extensions to EM and Multinomial PCA
24 Feb Mikko Heikelä Collins, Dasgupta, Schapire: A Generalization of Principal Component Analysis to the Exponential Family PDF PDF
2 Mar Zhi-rong Yang Tishby, Pereira, Bialek: The Information Bottleneck Method PDF PDF
9 Mar Mika Pollari Applications of Information Bottleneck (to document classification and clustering) PDF PDF
16 Mar Nikolaj Tatti Disciminative Clustering PDF PDF
23 Mar Jarkko Venna Fisher kernels
30 Mar Sven Laur Lafferty, Lebanon: Information Diffusion Kernels PDF PDF
6 Apr Leo Lahti Covariance Kernels and Marginalized Kernels PDF PS
13 Apr No seminar due to Easter holiday
20 Apr Arto Klami Data discretization PDF PDF
Wednesday, 28-Apr-2004 14:05:25 EEST