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T-61.5010 Information visualization (5 cr) P
T-61.5010 Informaation visualisointi (5 op) L

Spring (Period III) 2007

26 + 26 (4 + 4)

Kai Puolamäki, PhD, lecturer
Antti Ukkonen, MSc, course assistant


Lectures: In T1 on Thursdays at 12-14 o'clock and on Fridays at 14-16 o'clock (18.1.-2.3.2007, no lectures due to repairs in the lecture hall during 8.-9.2.2007).

Problem sessions: In T1 on Wednesdays at 16-18 o'clock and Fridays on 12-14 o'clock (there will probably be only one problem session per week on Wednesday and no Friday session, this will however be confirmed later).

Requirements: examination and exercise work (NEW DEADLINE for Task 2!!).

Prerequisites: first two years' mathematics courses; basic programming skills.

Language: English

Please see examination schelude for times and locations of examinations. (If the location of the Saturday examination is not apparent from the examination schelude, then please read further information about the the Saturday examinations. [The examination schelude is unclear with respect to the location of the Saturday examinations: I have asked the department to clarify it.])

The course replaces the study period T-61.271 Information visualization (3 ocr). The lectures and problem sessions are held in lecture hall T1 of the Computer Science Building (Konemiehentie 2, Espoo). The course will take place in Period III (from 18 January to 2 March 2007).

Course material

More or less useful material

Course description

Information visualization is about presenting abstract data in visual form to make it more understandable - to amplify cognition. The purpose of information visualization can be the presentation of the data to others or the use of the visualization methods to study the data and to aid decision-making. The course teaches how to visualize information effectively by using the statistical methods, combined with knowledge of the human perception and psychology and the basics of data graphics. The course includes an exercise work.

Contents of the course

The course will cover the following topics:

  1. History of visualization and basic concepts of information visualization1
  2. Mathematical methods and transformations
  3. Human perception2
  4. Some useful metaphors and ideas3
  5. Example applications3
  6. Visualization tools3

The most relevant books:

1 Edward R. Tufte: The visual display of quantitative information
A classic work on a good graphical practice from 1983.

2 Colin Ware: Information Visualization: Perception for Design
An excellent work on scientific approach to human perception and visualization.

3 Stuart K. Card, Jock D. Mackinlay, Ben Shneiderman: Readings in information visualization: using vision to think
A comprehensive collection of articles, with introductions.

These book are available for reading and overnight loan from the T library (T Kur).

The course will include a small-scale visualization project. The purpose of the visualization project is to give the students hand-on experience on some aspect of the course. We will give a list of topics to choose from in the second lecture. Students are also encouraged to figure out a topic for themselves.

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