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The most relevant books

These books are available for reading and overnight loan from the T library (T Kur):

  • Edward R. Tufte, The visual display of quantitative information, Graphics Press (1983).
    A classic work on good graphical practice.
  • Colin Ware, Information visualization: perception for design, Academic Press (2000).
    An excellent work on scientific approach to human perception and visualization.
  • Stuart K. Card, Jock D. Mackinlay, Ben Schneiderman, Readings in information visualization: using vision to think, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc. (1999).
    A comprehensive collection of articles, with introductions.

Other useful books

  • Jacques Bertin, Semiology of graphics, The University of Wisconsin Press (1983). Translated from the French original, Sémiologie graphique (1967).
  • Edward R. Tufte, Envisioning information, Graphics Press (1990).
  • Edward R. Tufte, Visual Explanations, Graphics Press (1997).
  • Gregory M. Nielson, Hans Hagen, Heinrich Müller, Scientific visualizations: overviews, methodologies, and techniques, IEEE Computer Society (1997).
  • William S. Cleveland, Visualizing data, Hobart Press (1993).
  • Usama Fayyad, Georges G. Grinstein, Andreas Wierse (eds.), Information visualization in data mining and knowledge discovery, Academic Press (2002).
  • David Thompson, Jeff Braun, Ray Ford, OpenDX: Paths to visualization, Visualization and imagery solutions, Inc. (2001).
  • E. Bruce Goldstein, Sensation and perception, 6th ed., Wadsworth (2002).
  • Ingwer Borg, Patrich Groenen, Modern multidimensional scaling: theory and applications, Springer-Verlag New York, Inc. (1997).
  • Juha Ruokolainen, Matti Gröhn, Tieteellinen visualisointi, CSC -- Tieteellinen laskenta Oy (1996).
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