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Lectures 2006

You can find summary of the lectures and copies of the slides below. Copies of the slides can be downloaded only from within the HUT.FI domain.

If you are not located in the HUT network: you can for example login to the Computing Centre servers, download the files you want with a web browser (e.g. Lynx) and transfer the slides for viewing to where-ever you want. Or you can configure a ssh pipe to

I have given Edita permission to print the lecture notes for HUT students on request.

Notice: probably due to large picture files, there may be some problems to open/print the slides and/or make working handouts. I'll try to solve the problem (probably one has to e.g. reduce the resolution of some graphics).

Overview, 17 January 2006 [slides]
Introduction to the course.
Graphical practice from past to present, 18 January 2006 [handouts, slides]
History and practice of visualization (maps, time series, narratives of space and time), using visualizations to make decisions.
Theory of data graphics, 24 January 2006 [slides (13 MB)]
Classical theory of data graphics (or how to make elegant and effective visualizations), as presented by Edward Tufte. Main concepts are data-ink, chartjunk, multifunctioning graphical elements, data density and small multiples and aesthetics.
Human perception part I, 25 January 2006 [slides]
Some properties of retina, pre-attentive features, 31 January 2006 [handouts]
Color (Jarkko Venna), 1 February 2006 [slides]
Patterns and objects, 7 February 2006 [handouts, slides]
Space perception and navigability, 8 February 2006 [handouts, slides]
Thinking with visualizations, 14 February 2006 [handouts, slides]
Trees and graphs, 15 February 2006 [slides] (again some trouble with handout PDFs. Argh.)
Dimension reduction I, 21 February 2006 [slides]
Dimension reduction II, 22 February 2006 [slides]
Mdmv techniques, 28 February 2006 [slides]

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