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Problems 2007

The problem sessions will take place in lecture hall T1 on Wednesday at 16-18 o'clock.

The last problem session will take place on Friday 2 March at 12-14 o'clock! There will be no Wednesday (28th of February) session on that week!

You should solve the problems prior to the sessions, where the solutions will then be presented and discussed. There will be a list to which you can mark the problems you have solved. If you mark a problem as "solved", you should be prepared to present your solution for the class. Some of the problems do not have a single correct answer, so save your time and don't desperately try to google for one. Also, sometimes it is insightful to hear several different answers to the same problem, so do not hesitate to volunteer if you feel your answer is a lot more interesting than the one already heard!

NOTICE! It is not necessary to hand in your answers. Also, attending the problem session is not required for passing the course or getting the best grade. You will receive bonus points by preparing answers to the problems and by attending the weekly sessions. These bonus points will be added to the points you obtain from the exam and will increase your exam grade at most by one.

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