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Visualization projects 2004

  • The visualization project must be completed to pass the course
  • The project may be passed or passed with distinction (the latter case will raise your grade by one when you pass the exam)
  • Submit a short abstract (~half A4) that will specify the data and methods (including programs) that you plan to use by 23 October 2004 ( The abstract does not need to be a complete description of your plans; we would just like to have a chance to comment on what you are going to do beforehand. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need e.g. references, pointers to data sets or some other assistance.
  • The deadline for submitting the visualization projects is 17 January 2005.
  • You should write a short project report (2-4 pages) that will, among other things, describe the methods/programs you have considered and actually used and why have chosen them.
  • It would be appreciated if the project reports and/or program codes would be released under some open source license.
  • You should complete the project by yourself. You can choose any one topic from the following list or propose a topic of your own yourself.

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