Laboratory of Computer and Information Science / Neural Networks Research Centre CIS Lab Helsinki University of Technology

T-61.3030 Principles of Neural Computing (5 cr )

T-61.3030 Neuraalilaskennan perusteet (5 op)
Korvaa kurssin T-61.261 3 ov, katso lisää muutoksista.
Replaces the course T-61.261 3 cr, see more about changes.

Exercises, spring 2007

Excercise sessions are held on Thursdays 12-14 and Fridays 10-12 in lecture hall T1 by Matti Pöllä <matti.polla[at]>.

The exercises are held in Finnish. The answers are also published by Edita and they will be in English. You can use WWWTopi to subscribe them. Possible changes to the excercise schedule are announced on this page.


Model answers to the exercises. [pdf]

(2007-05-02) UPDATE: A new version of the model answers (including some typo fixes) is now available and will be delivered through Edita to those who have subscribed to the course material.
(2007-05-02) UPDATE: Please fill the course feedback form (form in English)