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T-61.6090 Special course in Language Technology V P
T-61.6090 Kieliteknologian erikoiskurssi V L

Emergence of early cognition, communication and language: from humans to machines (Autumn 2007, 6 cr)

Course news

The grading passed with distinction / pass / fail described on the web page earlier does not exist. Therefore the course will use pass / fail grading, as was agreed early on in the course.

Instructions for project work added.


Course internal section opened with notes and presentation files from previous seminar sessions. Available through the course timetable.


The web-pages have been updated with instructions for the writing assignment and oral presentation. Also a detailed timetable is available.

Please send in your first and second preference regarding in which session you would prefer to have your oral presentation to the course email. The deadline for sending your preference is 14.9. The course organizers announce how the topics and times have been distributed on the session 17.9. The literature list now contains links to table of contents for the material to aid students in making their choices.


Organizers D.Sc. Krista Lagus (lecturer), M.Sc. Oskar Kohonen (assistant) and Dr. Timo Honkela (associate organizer).
Credits (ECTS) 6
Semester Autumn 2007 (seminar sessions during period I and group project during period II)
Seminar sessions On Mondays at 14-16 in lecture hall T4 in computer science building,
Konemiehentie 2, Otaniemi, Espoo. The first session is on September 10, 2007.
Language English / Finnish (to be decided in the first meeting)
Registration TKK students: WebTopi, others: send mail to t616090 at

Students who are not from TKK should apply through the JOO-procedure (Instructions in Finnish, link on the right to electronic application in Finnish AND English). The exact procedure depends on the home university. More information available at the previous link.


Attempting to develop cognitive systems capable of language understanding can be useful in increasing our understanding of how the language faculty develops and works in humans, and in devising engineering solutions to practical problems in language technology such as machine translation or speech recognition and understanding.

This seminar course will look at selected literature on the development of cognition and language, both on species scale and in individual child. We will also examine recent engineering attempts at modeling the phenomena using learning methods in the field of language technology. A practical project work will provide hands-on experience.

Course materials

There will be one copy of all material available for students to borrow from the secretary Tarja Pihamaa (room B326)

Pre-requisites for attending

The course is intended for graduate and advanced undergraduate students who have a reasonably advanced understanding in one of the following disciplines: language technology, statistical machine learning, cognitive science, computer science, cognitive neuroscience, or cognitive linguistics.

Course requirements

To pass the course, you will


On Monday 10.9. the course begins with practical matters and an introductory talk and a discussion led by the course organizers, and by an introductory round of participants.

Student presentations of course material will take place in weekly meetings between 17.9.-29.10. The project work may be continued also during the second period. The project results will be presented during two seminar days: Monday 5.11 there will be two hours reserved for project presentations, and on Monday 26.11 there will be 4-6 hours more.

More detailed schedule

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More information

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