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Writing assignments

You will be expected to return weekly about 1/2 pages written on the material that you have read for that week / on the topic of that week. When you give your presentation, you don't need to return an assignment.

There are two motivations:

Assignments so far


You might e.g. outline 3-5 main points that you found interesting, and perhaps also comment on some of them briefly (space allowing) from your own perspective. Or you may concentrate on just one point. Alternatively, you can identify interesting questions that the material raises, or which arise in you when reading the material.

Return your assignment in plain ascii text by email to, at the latest on Monday at 12 o'clock. Use the following Subject for your email: Writing assignment X, where X is the number of the assignment. The returned assignments will be read by the lecturer and/or course assistant. Be prepared also to present your views in class during discussion.

We appreciate it if you wish to share your written output with others in class. If you do, please say so when returning your assignment. The course organizers will then put it on the internal web pages of the seminar.

Returning assignments after the seminar session

If you are unable to do the writing assignment before a particular session, you can instead return at least 1 page afterwards, then taking also into account the discussion. This can be e.g. in the form of a "learning journal".

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