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T-61.6060 Special Course in Computer and Information Science VI P:

Modeling and Simulating Social Web (4 cr)

Lecturer Docent Timo Honkela
Assistants Mari-Sanna Paukkeri and Ilari Nieminen
Credits (ECTS) 4
Semester Spring 2008 (during period III)
Seminar sessions There are four seminar sessions in the room T3 in the computer science building,
Konemiehentie 2, Otaniemi, Espoo:
  • Jan 17th, 14:15-16:00:
  • Jan 24th, 14:15-16:00:
    Group formation and topic specification
  • Feb 14th, 14:15-16:00:
    Presentations of plans and preliminary results (about 15 min/group)
  • Feb 26th, 14:00-16:00:
    Presentations of final results (about 35 min/group: about 30 min presentation + 5 min discussion)
  • Mar 31st:
    Deadline for written report
Language English
Registration TKK students: WebTopi, others: send mail to

Course description

The seminar considers how the novel social web environments such as blogs, social networking sites, folksonomies can be analyzed and simulated. On the first session there is an introduction to the area and the preliminary topics of group work assignments. Students form small groups (2-4 persons).

Methods that may be utilized in the seminar work include text mining, network models, link analysis, diffusion and propagation analysis, clustering and graph visualisation. An earlier course on Information Networks organized by Dr. Gemma Garriga provides a number of links to potentially useful resources.

It is recommended that the data used in the course includes a collection of blog articles related to a seminar course organized at Helsinki School of Economics by Prof. Mika Pantzar. The data is in Finnish and therefore tools such as Snowball, Morfessor or some morphological analyser should be used.

Requirements for passing the course

The course will be graded as accepted / failed. Requirements for passing the course:

Attendance in the four seminar gatherings is required.

Course material

Scripts by Ilari Nieminen for preparing input data: and

Presentation slides of the last seminar session:

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