T-122.102 Special Course in Information Technology VI (P V)
T-122.102 Informaatiotekniikan erikoiskurssi VI (L V)

NB: For all purposes related to the Computer and Information Science curriculum, T-122 courses are equivalent to T-61 courses.

Energy-aware computation 3-4 cr P

The course is held in the lecture hall T4 of the Computer Science Building (Konemiehentie 2, Espoo) on Tuesdays at 14-16 o'clock. The first meeting will take place on 22 January 2002.


Email: t122102@mail.cis.hut.fi

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Course material

Course description

The goal of this seminar is to consider the foundational issues in computations where the limiting factor is the available energy (and not time or memory, as usual). Such situations occur in various contexts in mobile and ubiquitous computing. The seminar concentrates on the algorithmic and software issues of energy-limited or energy-aware computation, but also some physical issues are discussed.

Prerequisities: You need only the basic knowledge about algorithms and theory of computation.

Requirements for passing the course: To pass the course with 3 credits, you have to

  • participate actively (be present in at least two out of three sessions) and
  • give one or two lectures on selected topics from the literature.

To pass the course with 4 credits you have to additionally

  • carry out a small research project on some of the subjects and write a brief report on the results.

To pass with distinction, all the items in the previous lists should be carried out excellently.

Wednesday, 23-Jan-2002 13:54:01 EET