Tik-122.101 Special Course in Information Technology

Lecturers: Prof. Heikki Mannila, Lic.Tech. Jaakko Hollmén
Assistant: M.Sc. Jouni Seppänen
Semester: autumn 2000
Credit points: 3-4 cr
Place: seminar room B353 in the computer science building
Time: Wednesday, 14:15-16:00, beginning September 20
Language: English (or Finnish)

Data Mining and Telecommunications

Data Mining methods are popular in practical data analysis problems, where large amounts of data are involved. Telecommunications systems, in particular, create enormous amounts of data.

The seminar course will cover current research topics within data mining, with a particular focus on applications in telecommunications. The course is suitable as a part of graduate studies within the topics of Laboratory of Computer and Information Science, and/or for anyone considering graduate studies in the subject. Some of the topics of the course might be suitable for a special assignment or diploma thesis.

The topics will include fault detection of telecommunications systems, fraud detection, mining of Internet site logs (Web log mining), and association rules to mention a few.

To pass the course, students must give an oral presentation on one of the given topics and write a short summary to hand out to others. The presentations are based on published conference and journal papers. Also, active participation is expected. In addition, there will be a (programming) exercise worth one credit point.

The course information is presently missing from Topi. You can enroll by attending the first seminar.


September 20IntroductionJaakko Hollmén
September 20Association RulesJouni Seppänen
September 27MonitoringJuha Vesanto
September 27Receiver Operating Characteristic AnalysisJaakko Hollmén
October 4Intrusion Detection 1Yuan Zhijian
October 4Intrusion Detection 2Sami Itkonen
October 11Intrusion Detection 3Matti Aksela
October 18Context-Based Similarity Measures for Categorical DatabasesHeikki Mannila
October 25Mobile Phone Fraud DetectionSampsa Laine
November 1User Profiling in Telecommunications 1Timo Kostiainen
November 1Markov Chains (Web Log Mining, User Profiling)Ata Kaban
November 8Room Y427B (main building): Probabilistic Clustering of Sequences, Curves, and other Non-Vector DataPadhraic Smyth
November 15User Profiling in Telecommunications 2Olli-Pekka Rinta-Koski
November 22Web Log MiningJouni Seppänen
November 29Presentation of practical assignment results 

Practical assignment

Please contact the course organizers for more information.

More information

Additional information about the course may be asked from Heikki Mannila, and Jaakko Hollmén, and Jouni Seppänen.

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