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T-61.6060 Special Course in Computer and Information Science VI P:

Decision support with data analysis (5 cr)

Lecturer Docent Miki Sirola
Assistant Golan Lampi
Credits (ECTS) 5
Semester Spring 2007 (during periods III and IV)
Seminar sessions On Thursdays at 14-16 in the room A328 in the computer science building,
Konemiehentie 2, Otaniemi, Espoo. The first session on Thursday Feb 1st 2007.
Language English
Registration TKK students: WebTopi, others: send mail to

Course Results

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Course Feedback

Please fill the course feedback form. It will open in 25th of April, although it is best to fill it after the last lecture. Deadline for filling feedbacks is in 23th of May. The link to feedback is here.

Course description

The topic of this seminar course is "Decision support with data analysis". The emphasis is on industrial applications. Especially process industry is one special focus of interest. On the first session there is an introduction to the area and the topics of the presentations are delivered. Each student will give a presentation (about 20 - 30 minutes), and write a summary about the topic (about 5 - 10 pages, depending on topic), and act once as an opponent to some other students presentation. The course material is a collection of scientific articles. In addition the course participants are encouraged to collect additional relevant material from scientific databases. Some basic knowledge about data analysis helps in attending the course. Attendance of about 80% for the seminar is required. The seminar is held either in English or in Finnish depending on the participants.

Course format

Seminar course

Requirements for passing the course

Active participation in the seminar, a seminar presentation and a written summary of the work are required to pass the course. Detailed requirements are given in the first seminar session.


When you know more accurate name for your topic, please send mail to course email address so that we can update it into the course schedule.

Time Presenter Topic Opponent Material
1.2. Miki Sirola
Golan Lampi
Introduction and kickoff for the seminar slides1, slides2
8.2. Miki Sirola
Golan Lampi
Course organization: Opportunity to ask questions
and browse through the material
15.2. Guillermo Callahan Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Why and How? Joni Pajarinen slides
1.3. Raimo Nikkilä Decision Support System for Agriculture Teemu Tuulari slides
8.3. Teemu Tuulari Reinforcement Learning Jukka Parviainen slides
15.3. Mari-Sanna Paukkeri Customer Data Analysis Jaakko Talonen slides
22.3. Matti Pöllä Quality Assesment Of Websites Mari-Sanna Paukkeri slides
29.3. Joni Pajarinen Business Decision Support Systems Guillermo Callahan slides
12.4. Jaakko Talonen Fault Detection Raimo Nikkilä slides
19.4. Jukka Parviainen Leakage Detection and Decision Support Systems Kalle Korpiaho slides
26.4. Pauli Ruonala Traffic applications Matti Pöllä slides
3.5. Kalle Korpiaho
Miki Sirola
Decision Making and Portfolio Optimization
Short summary of the seminar course
Pauli Ruonala

Course Material

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