Tik-61.182 Informaatiotekniikan erikoiskurssi (4 ov) (L)

Information visualization

General information

Student survey

Please fill in the student survey. You can return it by email to tik61182@mail.cis.hut.fi or deliver anonymous paper copy to Tarja Pihamaa (room B326, PL 5400, please write "Tik-61-182/Kai Puolamäki" on the top of the envelope).

Research projects

You should complete a research project to pass the course, as outlined in the first session. For that purpose you should submit a short abstract for a research project by end of April. You will have a two choises:

  1. Write a short abstract on the research project related to the topic of your presentation for approval and complete the project (preferrably) before the presentation, where you can report the results of your work. Submit a short report by May 31. (Your talk will then essentially be a part of the research project.)
  2. Find a topic on Information Visualization by May 1 and write a short abstract on it for approval. Write a research-quality report by May 31. (The report should be more comprehensive in the latter case, because we want that everybody will concenctrate in depth to at least one topic, in addition to more general picture obtained from the seminars and exercises.)

Suggested source material for the talks

The material is available from my (KP) room (B323) strictly on reference basis (i.e. you can read them for a while or take copies, but please don't borrow the books for several days!).

The source material is available from my room (B323) for copying. We will attempt to make the material available one week before the talks.

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