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Tik-61.182 Information visualization


Below are the exercises. You should return the solved problems by May 31st, at latest. The problems are available in full, with figures from my room (B323).

Submitted by Problem
1. Markku Roiha

What is the trouble in the following picture? [FIG 1, from Tufte, page 61]

2. Sanni Siltanen

Aeroflot's aircraft was departing on path [(1,0,0,0), (2,1,2,1), (3,2,4,2), (4,3,6,4)] and at the same time Finnair's aircraft was landing on the path [(1,8,5,3), (2,5,4,2), (3,2,3,1), (4,1,2,0)], (t,x,y,z).

Flight control's radar was disfunctioning and in order to stop arguing how close the collision was, draw routes of the aircrafts in parallel coordinates.

3. Jussi Pakkanen Give your own definition of information visualization. Explain what properties you emphasized and why.
4. Juha Reunanen You have two continuous functions of two variables. You wish to visualize them with just one figure, and you decide to use texture orientation and size (scale). What is the consequence of demanding a high precision for one of the functions?
5. Jarkko Venna Create 3D visualization of abstract data that uses some depth cues to create an illusion.
6. Oguz Tanzer Offer a new type of application relevant to your area to be implemented as a Dynamic Query, stating briefly the sliders and their functions.
7. Tapani Raiko What choises do you have to make when realizing immersive visualization?
8. Ville Viitaniemi Discuss the problem of Hyperbolic Browser wasting display area because of the circular display.
9. Teemu Himanen In your opinion, what are limitations of current document search engines. How could text visualization methods be utilised in this application field?
10. Jaakko Särelä Discuss the need of normalization in data visualisation and data mapping, especially in case of PCA and ICA
11. Jouni Seppänen Metric and ordinal MDS methods are likely to produce very similar results, especially if there are sufficiently many data points. Why?
12. Mika Inki Discuss the reasons why WIMP (Windows-Icons-Menus-Pointing) is still the dominating desktop methaphor.
13. Marko Niiranen Find from web few non-trivial good and bad examples of Effective View Navigation? What should be done to bad examples
14. - Make a mindmap of the last talk by Karthikesh Raju. (I (KP) have copies of the handouts in my room. If necessary, I can also mail or fax them to you.)

There will be no more exercises.

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