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Tik-61.182 Information visualization

Timetable 2001

Below is a set of topics and a preliminary timetable. Please feel free to suggest your own topic (e.g. one talk on computer graphics would be nice). All the talks will take place in seminar room T4 in the Computer Science Building and they should last half an hour (30 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes for the discussion).

We have suggested some reference material to go with almost every topic. The reference material may be quite divergent and of varying quality. Find and present the essential points of the material and present them in an understandable way.

You can also use additional material, if necessary. For example taking the the human perception viewpoint (e.g. the book by Ware) into account could give a be a good addition to many of the talks.

Some topics, especially those market with superscripts, may have some overlap. Please discuss with others giving talks on similar topics before the presentation in order to make the talks complementary and to avoid excessive repetition (although some repetition is naturally inevitable and desirable).

Remember to hand out copies of your transparencies to others in the beginning of the presentation. Please also cook up three exercises on the topic of your talk and give them to us at the before the talk. We will then give one of them for the others to solve next week.

Date Time Speaker Topic
Feb 1 14-15 Markku Roiha "Practical" or "classical" approach to the visualization (Tufte, 1st half)
Feb 1 15-16 Sanni Siltanen Overview of the "mathematical approach" to the visualization (Nielson et al, first chapter)
Feb 8 14-15 Johan Himberg Overview of the human perception approach to the visualization (Ware, first chapter)
Feb 8 15-16 Jussi Pakkanen General overview of the field (Card et al, first chapter)
Mar 1 14-15 Juha Reunanen Visual attention and information that pops out (Ware, 5)
Mar 1 15-16 Jarkko Venna Space perception (Ware, 8)
Mar 8 14-15 Oguz Tanzer Interaction (Card et al, 3)
Mar 8 15-16 Tapani Raiko Immersive investigation of data (Nielson et al, 2)
Mar 15 14-15 Ville Viitaniemi Focus and context: theory (Card et al, 4+6.3.1)2
Mar 15 15-16 Jukka Laurila Focus and context: applications (Card et al, 4+6.3.1)2
Mar 22 14-15 Teemu Himanen Data mapping (Card et al, 5)
Mar 22 15-16 Jaakko Särelä Linear multi-variable methods
Mar 29 14-15 Jouni Seppänen Multidimensional scaling (MDS)
Mar 29 15-16 Jaakko Peltonen Non-linear multi-variable methods
Apr 5 14-15 Mika Inki Visualizing information workspaces (Card et al, 6)3
Apr 19 14-15 Markus Koskela Images and words (Ware, 9)
Apr 26 14-15 Marko Niiranen Using vision to think (Card et al, 7)
May 3 14-15 Karthikesh Raju Interacting with visualizations (Ware, 10)
May 3 15-16 - Summary

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