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Exercises 2007

The exercises are held Thursdays in lecture hall T2 (the same as for the lectures) at 16-18. The first exercises are on the 13th of September, there won't exercises every week.

The course participants should try and solve the exercises beforehand. The course assistant will go through the solutions in the exercise session and any discussion concerning the course, the exercises and the project work is welcome in the exercise session.

The solutions will be put to the course homepage afterwards, but they will contain only the core solution with only few comments. This means that you don't have to use your time for copying the solutions during the exercise session, but attending the session is highly recommended for understanding the solution. The course is about learning the methods of the field and learning is all about trying those methods out, failing a few times maybe and then finally understanding the idea beneath the surface. This is achieved by trying out all the exercises before giving up.

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