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IBM Visualization Data Explorer QuickStart Guide

Table of Contents

About This Guide
Chapter 1. A Very Quick Overview
Chapter 2. Tutorial I: Using Data Explorer
Chapter 3. Tutorial II: Editing and Creating Visual Programs
Chapter 4. Sample Visual Programs and Sample Macros
Chapter 5. Importing Data
Chapter 6. Technical Support
Chapter 7. Glossary


  1. Main features of Data Explorer
  2. Startup Data Explorer Window
  3. File selection dialog box
  4. Visual Program Editor Window (VPE)
  5. Image Window
  6. View Control Dialog Box
  7. Sequence Control Panel
  8. Control Panel with two Interactors.
  9. Colormap Editor for .example1.net
  10. Add Control Points Dialog Box
  11. Examples of Grid Types
  12. Examples of Data Dependency
  13. Row- versus Column-Majority Grids
  14. Block and Columnar Styles of Data Organization
  15. Initial Data Prompter window
  16. Simplified Data Prompter
  17. Full Data Prompter
  18. File Browser Window
  19. Import Configuration Dialog Box

Full Contents QuickStart Guide User's Guide User's Reference

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