SOM Toolbox Online documentation



 Converts SOM Toolbox version 2 structs to version 1 structs.



 This function is offered to allow the change of new map and data structs
 to old ones. There are quite a lot of changes between the versions,
 especially in the map struct, and this function makes it possible to 
 use the old functions with new structs.

 Note that part of the information is lost in the conversion. Especially, 
 training history is lost, and the normalization is, except in the simplest
 cases (like all have 'range' or 'var' normalization) screwed up.

Required input arguments

  sS2       (struct) som SOM Toolbox version 2.0 struct (map, data, 
                     training or normalization struct)

Output arguments

  sS1       (struct) the corresponding SOM Toolbox version 2.0 struct


  sM = som_vs2to1(sMnew);
  sD = som_vs2to1(sDnew);
  sT = som_vs2to1(sMnew.trainhist(1));

See also

som_set Set values and create SOM Toolbox structs.
som_vs1to2 Transform structs from 1.0 version to 2.0.