SOM Toolbox Online documentation



 Transforms SOM Toolbox 1 version structs from to 2 version structs.



 This function is offered to allow the change of old map and data structs
 to new ones. There are quite a lot of changes between the versions,
 especially in the map struct, and this function makes it easy to update 
 the structs.


 'som_unit_norm' normalization type is not supported by version 2,
 so this type of normalization will be lost.

Required input arguments

  sS1       (struct) any SOM Toolbox version 1 struct (map, data, 
                     training or normalization struct)

Output arguments

  sS2       (struct) the corresponding SOM Toolbox 2 version struct


  sM = som_vs1to2(sMold);
  sD = som_vs1to2(sDold);
  sT = som_vs1to2(sMold.train_sequence{1});
  sN = som_vs1to2(sDold.normalization); 

See also

som_set Set values and create SOM Toolbox structs.
som_vs2to1 Transform structs from version 2.0 to 1.0.