SOM Toolbox Online documentation



 Computes the unified distance matrix of a SOM.



 Compute and return the unified distance matrix of a SOM. 
 For example a case of 5x1 -sized map:
            m(1) m(2) m(3) m(4) m(5)
 where m(i) denotes one map unit. The u-matrix is a 9x1 vector:
    u(1) u(1,2) u(2) u(2,3) u(3) u(3,4) u(4) u(4,5) u(5) 
 where u(i,j) is the distance between map units m(i) and m(j)
 and u(k) is the mean (or minimum, maximum or median) of the 
 surrounding values, e.g. u(3) = (u(2,3) + u(3,4))/2. 

 Note that the u-matrix is always calculated for 'sheet'-shaped map and
 the map grid must be at most 2-dimensional.


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Required input arguments

  sM (struct) SOM Toolbox struct or the codebook matrix of the map.
     (matrix) The matrix may be 3-dimensional in which case the first 
              two dimensions are taken for the map grid dimensions (msize).

Optional input arguments

  argID (string) Argument identifier string (see below).
  value (varies) Value for the argument (see below).

  The optional arguments are given as 'argID',value -pairs. If the 
  value is unambiguous, it can be given without the preceeding argID.
  If an argument is given value multiple times, the last one is used. 

  Below is the list of valid arguments: 
   'mask'      (vector) mask to be used in calculating
                        the interunit distances, size [dim  1]. Default is 
                        the one in sM (field sM.mask) or a vector of
                        ones if only a codebook matrix was given.
   'topol'     (struct) topology of the map. Default is the one
                        in sM (field sM.topol).
   'sTopol','som_topol' (struct) = 'topol'
   'msize'     (vector) map grid dimensions
   'lattice'   (string) map lattice 'rect' or 'hexa'
   'mode'      (string) 'min', 'mean', 'median' or 'max'
                        Map unit value computation method. In fact, 
                        eval-function is used to evaluate this, so 
                        you can give other computation methods as well.
                        Default is 'median'. 

Output arguments

  U   (matrix) the unified distance matrix of the SOM 
               size 2*n1-1 x 2*n2-1, where n1 = msize(1) and n2 = msize(2)


  U = som_umat(sM);  
  U = som_umat(sM.codebook,sM.topol,'median','mask',[1 1 0 1]);
  U = som_umat(rand(10,10,4),'hexa','rect'); 

See also

som_show show the selected component planes and the u-matrix
som_cplane draw a 2D unified distance matrix