SOM Toolbox Online documentation



 Shows basic visualizations of SOM: component planes, unified distance
 matrices as well as empty planes and fixed color planes.



 This function is used for basic visualization of the SOM. Four
 kinds of SOM planes can be shown: 

  1. U-matrix (see SOM_UMAT) which shows clustering structure of
     the SOM. Either all or just part of the components can 
     be used in calculating the U-matrix.
  2. component planes: each component plane shows the values of
     one variable in each map unit
  3. an empty plane which may be used as a base for, e.g., hit 
     histogram visualization or labeling (see SOM_SHOW_ADD)
  4. a fixed or indexed color representation for showing color coding or 

 The component planes and u-matrices may have colorbars showing the
 scale for the variable. The scale shows by default the values that
 variables have in the map struct. It may be changed to show the
 original data values (estimated by SOM_DENORMALIZE). In this case a
 small 'd' appears below the colorbar. The orientation of these
 colorbars may be changed, or they can be removed.

 By default the u-matrix - calculated using all variables - and all
 component planes are shown. This is achieved by giving command
 som_show(sMap) without any further arguments

Required input arguments

 sMap  (struct) Map to be shown. If only this argument is
                specified, the function draws first the u-matrix 
                calculated using all the variables followed by all
                the component planes.

Optional input arguments

 (M is the number of map units)

 Optional arguments must be given as 'argID',value -pairs

 'comp'      Defines the variabels to be shown as component planes.
    (vector) 1xN or Nx1 vector with integer positive numbers ranging 
             from 1 to the number of variables in the map codebook
             (dim). This vector determines the variables to be show
             as component planes and their order. Note that the same
             component plane (the same variable index) is allowed to
             occur several times.
    (string) 'all' or '' or []. This uses all variables, that is, it's
             the same that using value [1:dim] where dim is the
             number of variables in the codebook.

 'compi'     Same as 'comp' but uses a Gouraud shaded color plane 
             (made using SOM_GRID function) instead of the cell-like
             visualization of 'comp' (made using SOM_CPLANE). Note
             that the color interpolation doesn't work strictly
             correctly on 'hexa' grid, as it uses rectangular grid
             (see SURF).

 'umat'      Show U-matrix: value defines the variables to be used
             for calculating a u-matrix.
    (vector) as in 'comps'. However, multiple occurences of the
             same variable (same variable index) are ignored. 
    (string) 'all' or '' or []. This uses all variables, that is, 
             is the same as using value [1:dim] where dim is the
             number of variables in the codebook. 
    (cell)   of form {v, str} where v is a valid index vector for 'umat' 
             (see above) and str is a string that is used as a title 
             for the u-matrix instead of the default title
             'U-matrix'. This may be useful if several u-matrices
             are shown in the same figure. 

 'umati'     Same as 'umat' but uses shaded color plane (see 'compi').

 'empty'     Show an empty plane (patch edges only)
    (string) value is used as title

 'color'     Define fixed RGB colors for the map units
    (matrix) a Mx3 matrix of RGB triples as rows             
    (vector) a Mx1 vector of any values: sets indexed coloring using
             the current colormap (as SURF does)  
    (matrix) a Mx3xN matrix of RGB triples as rows. This gives N
             color planes.
    (matrix) a Mx1xN matrix of any values: sets indexed coloring using
             the current colormap (as SURF does). This gives N
             color planes.
    (cell)   of form {rgb, str} where rgb is a Mx3 (xN) matrix of RGB
             triples as rows and str is a string that is used as
    (cell)   of form {v, str} where v is a Mx1(xN) matrix of values
             and str is a string that is used as title(s). 

 'colori'    Same as 'color' but uses shaded color plane (see 'compi').

 'norm'      Defines whether to use normalized or denormalized
             values in the colorbar. If denormalized values are
             used, they are acquired from SOM_DENORMALIZE function 
             using sMap.comp_norm field.
    (string) 'd' (default) for denormalized values and 'n' for
             normalized values. The corresponding letter appears
             below the colorbar.

 'bar'       Define the direction of the colorbars for component planes 
             and U-matrices or turn them completely off.
    (string) 'vert' (default), 'horiz' or 'none'. 'vert' gives
             vertical and 'horiz' horizontal colorbars. 'none'
             shows no colorbars at all. 

 'size'      Define sizes of the units. 
    (scalar) all units have the same size (1 by default)
    (vector) size Mx1, each unit gets individual size scaling 
             (as in SOM_CPLANE)

 'edge'      Unit edges on component plane visualizations.
    (string) 'on' or 'off' determines whether the unit edges on component 
             planes ('comp') are shown or not. Default is 'off'. Note that
             U-matrix and color planes are _always_ drawn without edges.

 'footnote'  Text on the figure
    (string) is printed as a movable text object on the figure
             where it may be moved using mouse. Default value is the
             string in the field. Note: value [] gives the
             string, but input value '' gives no footnote a all. 
             See VIS_FOOTNOTE for more information on the text object 
             and ways to change its font size.

 'colormap'  som_show ghages the colormap by default to a gray-level map
    (matrix) This argument is used to set some other colormap. 

 'subplots'  the number of subplots in y- and x-directions, as in 
    (vector) command SUBPLOT

Output arguments

 h (struct)
    .plane         (vector) handles to the axes objects (subplots)
    .colorbar      (vector) handles to the colorbars. Colorbars of empty
                            & color planes do not exist: the corresponding
                            value in the vector is -1
    .label         (vector) handles to the axis labels

Object tags

 The property field 'Tag' of the axis objects created by this function 
 are set to contain string 'Cplane' if the axis contains component plane
 ('comp'), color plane ('color') or empty plane ('empty') and string
 'Uplane' if it contains a u-matrix ('umat'). The tag is set to 
 'CplaneI' for planes created using 'compi' and 'colori', and 
 'UplaneI' for 'umati'.


 Note that when interpolated shading is used in coloring ('compi' and
 'colori') the standard built-in bilinear Gouraud interpolation for a 
 SURF object is used. If the lattice is hexagonal - or anything else than 
 rectangular in general - the result is not strictly what is looked 
 for, especially if the map is small. 


% Make random data, normalize it, and give component names
% Make a map


% Do the basic visualization with som_show: u-matrix and all
% component planes


% The values shown in the colorbar are denormalized codebook values 
% (if denormalization is possible). To view the actual values, use
% the ..., 'norm', 'n' argument pair.


% Something more complex:
% Show 1-2. Component planes 1 and 2 (variables 'One' and 'Two')
%        3. U-matrix that is calculated only using variables
%           'One' and 'Two' 
%           with title '1,2 only'
%        4. U-matrix that is calculated using all variables with the 
%           deafult title 'U-matrix'
%        5. The color code (in c) with title 'Color code'
%        6. Component plane 3 (variable 'Three')
% and  use vertical colorbars and and the values      
% But first: make a continuous color code (see som_colorcode)


 som_show(map,'comp',[1 2],'umat',{1:2,'1,2 only'},'umat','all', ...
  'color',{c,'Color code'},'bar','vert','norm','n','comp',3)

See also

som_show_add Show hits, labels and trajectories on SOM_SHOW visualization.
som_show_clear Clear hit marks, labels or trajectories from current figure.
som_umat Compute unified distance matrix of self-organizing map.
som_grid Visualization of a SOM grid.
som_cplane Visualization of component, u-matrix and color planes.