On-line recognition of handwritten characters

The On-line Recognition of Handwritten Characters project in the Neural Networks Research Centre (NNRC) of the Laboratory of Computer and Information Science at Helsinki University of Technology is carried out in co-operation with Nokia Research Center (NRC). The members (former and current) of the research group are:

The goal of the project is to develop adaptive methods for on-line recognition of handwritten characters. In this case, adaptation means that the system is able to learn new writing styles during its normal use. Due to the learning, the user can use his own natural style of writing instead of some constrained style. Typical applications for on-line handwriting recognition are small hand-held devices, for example PDAs, in which it replaces a keyboard. Our work concentrates on the recognition of isolated alphanumeric characters.

The recognition and adaptation methods applied so far are described in the following publications and papers:

For further information, please contact vuokko.vuori@hut.fi .
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