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Jan 28
Application deadlines for Macadamia and MBI approaching.
Jan 11
MLG 2008, Mining and Learning with Graphs
Jan 9
Summer Student Call in Computer and Information Science


Dec 3
Postdoc and PhD positions in machine learning and bioinformatics
Nov 24
Diploma worker's (M.Sc. thesis) and post-graduate position
Nov 7
AKRR'08 conference site opened
Sep 3
In his keynote talk at WSOM'07, Academician Teuvo Kohonen presented a novel way of analyzing input patterns presented to the SOM
Mar 15
Postdoc position in machine learning and bioinformatics
Mar 8
Labran avoimissa ovissa ma 12.3.2007 esitellään informaatiotekniikkaa pää- tai sivuaineena. Yleisesittelyt T-tutkinto-ohjelman opiskelijoille klo 12.15 T1-salissa, muille klo 14.00 huoneessa A328. Labrakierrokset 14.30 ja 15.30 (45 min) huoneessa A328. Tarkemmat tiedot täältä.
Feb 15
Informaatiotekniikan laboratorio hakee kesäteekkareita kesäksi 2007.
Jan 31
The Master's Programme in Bioinformatics - MBI will start in autumn 2007. The application deadline is January 31, 2007.
Jan 31
The new Master's Programme in Machine Learning and Data Mining - Macadamia will start in autumn 2007. The application deadline is January 31, 2007.


Nov 1
The new Master's Programme in Machine Learning and Data Mining - Macadamia will start in autumn 2007. The application deadline is January 31, 2007.
Oct 27
In the Ninth Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence many new research results from our laboratory were presented including the use of the SOM in detecting ontological relations in a visual database.
Oct 25
The EC funded MedIEQ project consortium handled the issue of quality of labeling of medical web sites in a project meeting hosted by the laboratory.
Oct 19
Morfessor Categories-MAP 0.9.1 software for unsupervised induction of morphological lexica is available.
May 8
The Pattern Recognition Society of Finland has recognized the D.Sc. thesis of Jaakko Peltonen as the best Finnish doctoral thesis in pattern recognition in 2004-2005.
January 30
Workshop on Probabilistic Modeling and Machine Learning in Structural and Systems Biology. DL April 23
January 18
Uusi Bioinformatiikan maisteriohjelma alkaa syksyllä 2006.
The new Master's Programme in Bioinformatics (MBI) will be international and in English from 2007 onwards.
January 1
Haluatko kesäteekkariksi Informaatiotekniikan laboratorioon?


December 7
The stable (1.0) version of a software package for denoising source separation has been released.
September 23
A new version of the Bayes Blocks software package for variational Bayesian learning of different models is available.
September 1
NIPS 2005 Workshop on Machine Learning for Implicit Feedback and User Modeling is a Pascal core event.
September 1
The Pascal Challenge Unsupervised segmentation of words into morphemes has opened. The competition ends on January 15th, 2006.
August 16
A new version of the software package for learning nonlinear state-space models is available.
June 3
First version of Morfessor software for discovering morphemes from text has been released.
May 30
AKRR press releases (in Finnish)
March 1
AKRR'05 Conference on Adaptive Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, 15-17 June 2005
March 1
Inferring Relevance from Eye Movements Challenge 2005. Because of the short notice for organizing a NIPS workshop, the competition deadlines have been extended to 1 and 14 October 2005.
February 13
A new version of Icasso, software for investigating the reliability of ICA estimates by clustering and visualization, is available

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