T-61.6080 Special Course in Bioinformatics II P (3-10 cr)


09 Dec 09 Project feedback
On 10/12 and 17/12 (Thursdays) at lecture time (12:15-14:15 A328), the teaching assistant will be available for giving project-related feedback.
09 Dec 09 Course feedback
Please fill out the anonymous course feedback form until the 11th of January (see 1st link). When filling out the form, please ignore the erroneous course name ("High-throughput sequencing and its application"). You can also give general feedback about the courses provided by the Computer Science and Engineering department (see 2nd link).
09 Nov 09 Project work.
Added detailed information about the requirements and submission procedure for the mandatory project work. Please read it carefully and bring any questions about it to the lectures.
15 Oct 09 Seminar schedule + talk guidelines
Added seminar schedule and talk evaluation form. Please read it when preparing your talk. Next week, Harrison will talk about Clustering.
08 Oct 09 Lecture schedule + additional material
No lecture next week. Added links to papers about graphical model structure learning.
29 Sep 09 Presentation topics
We've included links to the papers suggested for presentation topics
25 Sep 09 Additional readings
Added a list of general introductions to machine learning, bioinformatics, and molecular biology, plus some broad research reviews.
25 Sep 09 No lecture on 1/10.
No lecture on 1/10.
04 Sep 09 T-61.6080 starts Thu 24th Sep: Advanced probabilistic models in bioinformatics
T-61.6080 Special course in Bioinformatics II starts on Thursday 24th September 2009, at 12:15 in A328 (third floor, Computer Science building) with the topic "Advanced probabilistic models in bioinformatics" by PhD Gayle Leen. More information later in Noppa.
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