T-61.6080 Special Course in Bioinformatics II P (3-10 cr)


All students are required to do a small project work in addition to the talk. The exercise should be related to the topic described at the talk.
There are two main alternatives for doing the exercise:
  • Implement a simple enough probabilistic method and compare it against others in a single data set.
  • Skip the implementation part and directly compare methods for which source code is available, with the requirement that at least one of them is indeed a non-trivial probabilistic method.

You are encouraged to discuss your plans for the exercise with the responsible teacher or the teaching assistant.

As for the exercise report, it should have a maximum of 7 pages and include the following sections:

  • Introduction: Brief introduction about what is the purpose of the exercise and the methods you are comparing.
  • Methods: Succinct description of the data set. Mathematical description of the methods and of the performance measure used to compare them.
  • Results: Description and analysis of the differences in performance observed by the methods.
  • Discussion: Summary of the comparison procedure and results. Describe any aspects of the methods that were not fully assessed by the comparison.

Please use the LNCS template when writing the report.

The report should be sent in pdf format to gleen@cis.hut.fi . The deadline is the 18th of December. If you can't do the report in due time, please try to send it in until January 15th the latest.

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