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Lectures 2008 - T-61.5010

The lectures take place in the TKK Computer Science Building (Konemiehentie 2, Espoo) from 21 January to 4 March 2008 on Mondays in lecture hall T2 and on Tuesdays in lecture hall T1 at 10:15-12 o'clock. There is no lecture on 29-30 January 2008. (Note: The times and location of the lectures are still preliminary and may change.)

You can find summary of the lectures and copies of the slides below. Copies of the slides can be downloaded only from within the HUT.FI domain.

If you are not located in the HUT network: you can for example login to the Computing Centre servers, download the files you want with a web browser (e.g. Lynx) and transfer the slides for viewing to where-ever you want. Or you can configure a ssh pipe to

#Location&DateTopicSource MaterialSlidesOther Material
1T2 Mon 21 JanIntroductionslides, handouts
2T1 Tue 22 JanGraphical practice from past to presentTufte 1st halfslides, handouts
Mon 28 JanNo lecture
Tue 29 JanNo lecture
3T2 Mon 4 FebTheory of data graphicsTufte 2nd halfslides
4T1 Tue 5 FebHuman perception (part I)Ware 1-2slides
5T2 Mon 11 FebRetina in grey and colorWare 3-4slides
6T1 Tue 12 FebPreattentive featuresWare 4-5slides
7T2 Mon 18 FebTowards visual objectsWare 5-7slides
8T1 Tue 19 FebVisual objects and 3DWare 7-8slides
9T2 Mon 25 FebNavigation, dimensionality reductionWare 10-11slides
10T1 Tue 26 FebDimensionality reductionslides
11T2 Mon 3 MarMDMV methods>slides
12T1 Tue 4 Mar

The future topics, shown in italics, are preliminary and may still change.

The slides are meant to be a presentational aid for the lectures. They are provided here to make it easier to follow the lectures and make notes. The slides are not a replacement for the text book (where applicable). We strongly recommend that you also read the book chapters and/or supplementary material.

Please give feedback of the lectures or slides. You can also consider using the newsgroup.

I have given Edita a permission to print the slides to the students on request.

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