T-61.3030 Principles of Neural Computing (5 cp)

T-61.3030 Neuraalilaskennan perusteet (suomeksi)

In spring 2006, the course is lectured on period IV Mondays 10 - 12 o'clock and Thursdays 10 - 12 o'clock in the lecture room T2. The first lecture is 13th March. The course will be lectured by D.Sc. Kimmo Raivio. Lecturer can be reached during lectures, or in the Lab of Computer and Information Science, room B305; Tel. 451 5295.

The course assistant is Dipl.Eng. Jarkko Venna, room A320, tel. 4518210. The exercises are on Thursdays 12-14 o'clock in the lecture room T3 and Fridays 12-14 o'clock in the lecture room T4. The first exercises are on 16th March. The next examination of this course will be on Monday 6th February 2006, 17-20 o'clock, in lectures room T1. You should contact the lecturer a week before the examination if you want an English exam (problem sheet).

The course is based on the book S. Haykin: "Neural Networks - a Comprehensive Foundation", 2nd edition, Prentice-Hall, 1998. Only Chapters 1-5 and 9 of the book are discussed in this course. Master copies of these chapters are available in the office of the Lab of Computer and Information Science (secretary Tarja Pihamaa) for copying them on your own response. Purcasing the whole book is recommended for those to want to get acquainted with neural computing more extensively. The same book is used in the Advanced Course on Neural Networks (T-61.263). The problems and their solutions are available in copied course material. These materials are in English, but lectures and exercises are presented in Finnish.

The course includes also a project work (0.5 cp). Project work assistant is Dipl.Eng. Matti Aksela, room B330, Computer Science house, tel. 451 5276. The project work deadline is 27th May 2005. For getting the credit points, both your examination and project work must have been accepted.

The course covers the following topics:
  1. Introduction to neural computing (Chapter 1);
  2. Overview of principles and methods of neural computing (Ch. 2);
  3. Single-layer networks and their learning rules (Ch. 3);
  4. Multilayer perceptron network and back-propagation learning (Ch. 4);
  5. Radial basis function networks (Chapter 5);
  6. The self-organizing map and learning vector quantization (Ch. 9)
A detailed list of exam requirements is given on a separate page. As well as the lecture schedule of the course, which will be updated as course goes on.


Notice board of the course is in the third floor of the Computer Science Building. Additionally, notices are given on lectures and exercises, in the newsgroup opinnot.tik.informaatiotekniikka, and on the web page of the course http://www.cis.hut.fi/Opinnot/T-61.261.


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