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flag=vis_valuetype(value, valid, str);

 VIS_VALUETYPE Used for type checks in SOM Toolbox visualization routines

  flag = vis_valuetype(value, valid, str)

  Input and output arguments:
   value  (varies) variable to be checked
   valid  (cell array) size 1xN, cells are strings or vectors (see below)
   str    (string) 'all' or 'any' (default), determines whether
                   all or just any of the types listed in argument 'valid' 
                   should be true for 'value'

   flag   (scalar) 1 or 0 (true or false) 

 This is an internal function of SOM Toolbox visualization.  It makes
 various type checks. For example:

  % Return 1 if X is a numeric scalar otherwise 0:

  % Return 1 if X is a ColorSpec, that is, a 1x3 vector presenting an RGB
  % value or any of strings 'red','blue','green','yellow','magenta','cyan',
  % 'white' or 'black' or their shortenings  'r','g','b','y','m','c','w','k': 

  % Return 1 if X is _both_ 10x3 size numeric matrix and has RGB values as rows
  f=vis_valuetype(X,{'nx3rgb',[10 3]},'all')

 Strings that may be used in argument valid: 
  id             is true if value is 
  [n1 n2 ... nn] any n1 x n2 x ... x nn sized numeric matrix
  '1x1'          scalar (numeric)
  '1x2'          1x2 vector (numeric)
  'nx1'          any nx1 numeric vector
  'nx2'              nx2
  'nx3'              nx3
  'nxn'          any numeric square matrix
  'nxn[0,1]'     numeric square matrix with values in interval [0,1]
  'nxm'          any numeric matrix
  '1xn'          any 1xn numeric vector
  '1x3rgb'       1x3 vector v for which all(v>=0 & v<=1), e.g., a RGB code
  'nx3rgb'       nx3 numeric matrix that contains n RGB values as rows
  'nx3dimrgb'    nx3xdim numeric matrix that contains RGB values
  'nxnx3rgb'     nxnx3 numeric matrix of nxn RGB triples
  'none'         string 'none'
  'xor'          string 'xor'
  'indexed'      string 'indexed'
  'colorstyle'   strings 'red','blue','green','yellow','magenta','cyan','white' 
                 or 'black', or 'r','g','b','y','m','c','w','k'                 
  'markerstyle'  any of Matlab's marker chars '.','o','x','+','*','s','d','v',
                 '^','<','>','p'or 'h'
  'linestyle'    any or Matlab's line style strings '-',':','--', or '-.'
  'cellcolumn'   a nx1 cell array
  'topol_cell'   {lattice, msize, shape} 
  'topol_cell_no_shape' {lattice, msize}
  'string'       any string (1xn array of char)  
  'chararray'    any MxN char array

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