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 VIS_PLANEGETARGS Subfunction for som_*plane: extracts topolopy 
                  information from the first arguments.


  Input and output arguments: 
   varargin   (varies) arguments given to som_*plane function
   nargin_    (scalar) number of arguments that nargchk of som_*plane "should see"
                       +number_of_varargins if varargin{1} is not map/topol struct
                       +number_of_varargins+1 if varargin{2} is a map/topol struct
   varargout  (varies) the arguments that som_*plane "should see"

 Basically, this function allows topology information to be given 
 in various ways: either as a map/topology struct, or as a argument pair:
 lattice, msize. The topology is always converted into the (lattice, msize)
 argument pair.
  - if first input argument (varargin{1}) is a map or topol struct 
    the function extracts lattice and msize fields to two first 
    output variables after 'nargin_'. 
  - otherwise it copies the input arguments to the output arguments 
    after 'nargin_'. 
 If there are too many inputs (as compared to number of outputs), the 
 last ones are ignored. If too few, they are replaced by empty values 
 in outputs.

 Example of usage: 
   function definition: h = som_cplane(varargin)
   first code line:     [nargin,lattice,msize,color,size,pos]=vis_planeGetArgs(varargin);


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