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 VIS_FOOTNOTE Adds a movable text to the current figure

  h = vis_footnote(T)

  Input and output arguments ([]'s are optional)
   [T]  (string) text to be written
        (scalar) font size to use in all strings 

   h    (vector) handles to axis objects created by this function 

 This function sets a text to the current figure. If T is a string,
 it's written as it is to the same place. If T is a scalar, the font
 size of all text objects created by this function are changed to the
 pointsize T. If no input argument is given the function only returns
 the handles to all objects created by this function. The texts may
 be dragged to a new location at any time using mouse.  Note that the
 current axis will be the parent of the text object after dragging.

 String 'Info' is set to the Tag property field of the objects. 

 % add movable texts to the current figure and change their
 % fontsize to 20 points
 vis_footnote('Faa'); vis_footnote('Foo'); vis_footnote(20);
 % delete all objects created by this function from the current figure
 See also SOM_SHOW.

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