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sTable = som_table_struct(values,headers,span,colfmt)

SOM_TABLE_STRUCT Create a table struct.
 sTable = som_table_struct(values,[headers],[span],[colfmt])
  Input and output arguments ([]'s are optional): 
   values      (cell array) size nrow x ncol, the contents of the table 
               (char array) size nrow x *
               (matrix)     size nrow x ncol
   [headers]   (cell array) size 1 x ncol, header row of the table 
               (empty)      by default, empty headers are used ('')
   [span]      (matrix)     size nrow x ncol x 2, span of each cell of the 
                            table: span(:,:,1) gives horizontal span and 
                            span(:,:,2) gives vertical span. If the value
                            for a cell is greater than 1, it should be 
                            followed by a corresponding number of zeros
                            for the following cells (left or down)
               (empty)      by default ones(nrow,ncol,1)
   [colfmt]    (string)     the format of each column as given in LaTeX, 
                            only used if the table is printed as 'ps' or 'pdf', 
                            by default colfmt = ''
   sTable      (struct)     the table struct, with the following fields:
         .headers  (cell array) header row, size 1 x ncol
         .values   (cell array) values,  size nrow x ncol
         .span     (matrix)     span of each cell, size nrow x ncol x 2


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