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[pd,Pdm,pmd] = som_probability_gmm(D, sM, K, P)

SOM_PROBABILITY_GMM Probabilities based on a gaussian mixture model.

 [pd,Pdm,pmd] = som_probability_gmm(D, sM, K, P)
   [K,P] = som_estimate_gmm(sM,D);
   [pd,Pdm,pmd] = som_probability_gmm(D,sM,K,P);

  Input and output arguments:
   D    (matrix) size dlen x dim, the data for which the 
        (struct) data struct,     probabilities are calculated
   sM   (struct) map struct
        (matrix) size munits x dim, the kernel centers
   K    (matrix) size munits x dim, kernel width parameters
                 computed by SOM_ESTIMATE_GMM
   P    (matrix) size 1 x munits, a priori probabilities for each 
                 kernel computed by SOM_ESTIMATE_GMM

   pd   (vector) size dlen x 1, probability of each data vector in 
                 terms of the whole gaussian mixture model
   Pdm  (matrix) size munits x dlen, probability of each vector in 
                 terms of each kernel
   pmd  (matrix) size munits x dlen, probability of each vector to 
                 have been generated by each kernel


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