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P = som_order_cplanes(sM, varargin)

SOM_ORDER_CPLANES Orders and shows the SOM component planes.

 P = som_order_cplanes(sM, [[argID,] value, ...])

  P = som_order_cplanes(sM);

  Input and output arguments ([]'s are optional): 
   sM       (struct) map or data struct
            (matrix) a data matrix, size * x dim
   [argID,  (string) See below. The values which are unambiguous can
    value]  (varies) be given without the preceeding argID.

   P        (matrix) size n x * (typically n x 2), the projection coordinates
 Here are the valid argument IDs and corresponding values. The values
 which are unambiguous (marked with '*') can be given without the
 preceeding argID.
   'comp'    (vector) size 1 x n, which components to project, 1:dim by default
   'simil'  *(string) similarity measure to use 
                      'corr'        linear correlation between component planes
                      'abs(corr)'   absolute value of correlation (default)
                      'umat'        as 'abs(corr)' but calculated from U-matrices
                      'mutu'        mutual information (not implemented yet)
             (matrix) size n x n, a similarity matrix to be used             
   'proj'   *(string) projection method to use: 'SOM' (default), 
                      'pca', 'sammon', 'cca', 'order', 'ring'
   'msize'   (vector) size of the SOM that is used for projection
   'show'   *(string) how visualization is done: 'planes' (default), 
                      'names', or 'none'
   'mask'    (vector) dim x 1, the mask to use, ones(dim,1) by default
   'comp_names' (cell array) of strings, size dim x 1, the component names

 The visualized objects have a callback associated with them: by
 clicking on the object, the index and name of the component are printed
 to the standard output.
 See also SOM_SHOW.

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