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d=som_eucdist2(Data, Proto)

SOM_EUCDIST2 Calculates matrix of squared euclidean distances between set of vectors or map, data struct

 d=som_eucdist2(D, P)

  d=som_eucdist(sMap, sData);
  d=som_eucdist(sData, sMap);
  d=som_eucdist(sMap1, sMap2);
  d=som_eucdist(datamatrix1, datamatrix2);

  Input and output arguments ([]'s are optional): 
   D (matrix) size Nxd
     (struct) map or data struct
   P (matrix) size Pxd
     (struct) map or data struct
   d (matrix) distance matrix of size NxP 


 * Calculates _squared_ euclidean distances
 * Observe that the mask in the map struct is not taken into account while 
   calculating the euclidean distance

 See also KNN, PDIST.

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