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colors=som_colorcode(m, colorcode, scaling)

SOM_COLORCODE Calculates a heuristic color coding for the SOM grid

 colors = som_colorcode(m, colorcode, scaling) 

  Input and output arguments ([]'s are optional):
   m           (struct) map or topol struct
               (cell array) of form {str,[m1 m2]} where 
                        str = 'hexa' or 'rect' and [m1 m2] = msize
               (matrix) size N x 2, unit coordinates 
   [colorcode] (string) 'rgb1' (default),'rgb2','rgb3','rgb4','hsv'  
   [scaling]   (scalar) 1=on (default), 0=off. Has effect only
                        if m is a Nx2 matrix of coordinates: 
                        controls whether these are scaled to 
                        range [0,1] or not.

   colors      (matrix) size N x 3, RGB colors for each unit (or point)

 The function gives a color coding by location for the map grid 
 (or arbitrary set of points). Map grid coordinates are always linearly 
 normalized to a unit square (x and y coordinates between [0,1]), except
 if m is a Nx2 matrix and scaling=0. In that case too, the coordinates
 must be in range [0,1].
 Following heuristic color codings are available:

  'rgb1' slice of RGB-cube so that       green - yellow
         the corners have colors:          |       |
                                         blue  - magenta

  'rgb2' slice of RGB-cube so that       red   - yellow
         the corners have colors:          |       |
                                         blue  - cyan   

  'rgb3' slice of RGB-cube so that   mixed_green - orange
         the corners have colors:          |        |
                                     light_blue  - pink 

  'rgb4' has 'rgb1' on the diagonal + additional colors in corners
         (more resolution but visually strongly discontinuous) 

  'hsv'  angle and radius from map centre are coded by hue and 
         intensity (more resoluton but visually discontinuous)


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