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ind = som_cod2ind(msize,cind)

SOM_COD2IND Matlab linear index from SOM_PAK style linear indeces.

 ind = som_cod2ind(msize,cind)

  ind = som_cod2ind([10 15],44);
  ind = som_cod2ind(sMap,44);
  ind = som_cod2ind(sMap.msize,44);
  ind = som_cod2ind([10 15],[44 13 91]');

  Input and output arguments: 
   msize  (struct) map or topology struct
          (vector) size 1 x m, specifies the map grid size
   cind   (vector) size n x 1, SOM_PAK style linear indeces for n map units
                   (row first, then column)
   ind    (vector) size n x 1, Matlab linear indeces

 See also SOM_IND2COD.

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