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base = som_clspread(sM,base,cldist,Ne,verbosity)

 SOM_CLSPREAD Partition the given data by flooding.

  part = som_clspread(sM,part,cldist,[Ne],[verbos])

  Input and output arguments ([]'s are optional):
   sM       (struct) map or data struct
            (matrix) size dlen x dim, the data set            
   base     (vector) initial partition, where if base(i) is
                      0         i should be assigned to some cluster
                      NaN       i should not be assigned to any cluster
                      otherwise i belongs to cluster base(i)
   cldist   (string) cluster distance measure: 'single', 'average',
                     'complete', 'neighf', 'ward', 'centroid', 'BMU'  
   [Ne]     (scalar) 0 = not constrined to neighborhood
                     1 = constrained   
            (matrix) size dlen x dlen, indicating possible connections
   [verbos] (scalar) 1 (default) = show status bar
                     0  = don't

 See also SOM_CLDIST. 

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