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[sC,old2new,newi] = som_clset(sC,action,par1,par2)

 SOM_CLSET Create and/or set values in the som_clustering struct.

   first argument
     sC       (struct) a som_clustering struct
     Z        (matrix) size nb-1 x 3, as given by LINKAGE function
     base     (vector) size dlen x 1, a partitioning of the data

     'remove'           removes the indicated clusters (par1: vector)
     'add'              add a cluster by making a combination of the indicated
                        clusters (par1: vector)
     %'move'             moves a child cluster (par1: scalar) from a parent to another
     %                   (par2: vector 1 x 2)
     'merge'            like 'add', followed by removing the indicated clusters (par1: vector)
     %'split'            the indicated cluster (par1: scalar) is partitioned into indicated
     %                   parts (par2: vector), which are then added, while the indicated cluster
     %                   (par1) is removed
     'coord'            sets the coordinates of base clusters (par1: matrix nb x *), and 
                        recalculates coordinates of the derived clusters (by averaging base cluster
     'color'            sets the colors of base clusters (par1: matrix nb x 3), and recalculates
                        colors of the derived clusters (as averages of base cluster colors)
     .type     (string) 'som_clustering'
     .name     (string) Identifier for the clustering.
     .nb       (scalar) Number of base clusters in the clustering.
     .base     (vector) Size dlen x 1, the basic groups of data 
                        forming the base clusters, e.g. as a result 
                        of partitive clustering. Allowed values are 
                         1:nb   indicating the base cluster
                                to which the data belongs to. 
                         NaN    indicating that the data has
                                been ignored in the clustering                        
     .nc       (scalar) Number of clusters in the clustering (nb + derived clusters).
     .children (cellarray) size nc x 1, each cell gives the list of indeces
                        of child clusters for the cluster
     .parent   (vector) size nc x 1, the index of parent of each cluster 
                        (or zero if the cluster does not have a parent)
     .coord    (matrix) size nc x *, visualization coordinates for each cluster
                        By default the coordinates are set so that 
                        the base clusters are ordered on a line, and the
                        position of each combined cluster is average of 
                        the base clusters that constitute it.
     .color    (matrix) size nc x 3, color for each cluster. 
                        By default the colors are set so that the 
                        base clusters are ordered on a line,
                        and then colors are assigned from the 'hsv' 
                        colormap to the base clusters. The color
                        of each combined cluster is average as above.
     .cldist   (string) Default cluster distance function.

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