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aout = rep_utils(action,fmt,fid)

REP_UTILS Utilities for print reports and report elements.
 aout = rep_utils(action,fmt,[fid])
  Input and output arguments ([]'s are optional): 
   action      (string)     action identifier
               (cell array) {action,par1,par2,...}
                            the action identifier, followed by action 
   [fmt]       (string)     format of output, 'txt' by default
   [fid]       (scalar)     output file id, by default NaN in which
                            case output is not written, only returned
                            in aout
   aout        (varies)     output of the action

  Here are the actions and their arguments: 
  'printlines'   par1 (cellstr)   print par1, each cell on a new line
  'header'       par1 (string)    print document header using par1 as title
  'footer'                        print document footer
  'compile'      par1 (string)    compile the named document (only 'ps' and 'pdf')
  'inserttable'  par1 (struct)    print given table
                 par2 (scalar)    print lines between rows if par2=1
                 par3 (scalar)    use longtable format (only 'ps' and 'pdf')
  'printfigure'  par1 (string)    print current figure to file, par1 = filename
                 par2 (scalar)    used resolution (150 dpi by default)
                 par3 (scalar)    if par3=1, insert figure in minipage
  'insertfigure' par1 (string)    insert figure to report, par1 = filename of figure
                 par2 (vector)    size 2 x 1, size of figure relative to page size 
                                  NaN = automatic scaling
                 par3 (scalar)    if par3=1, insert figure in minipage (only 'ps' and 'pdf')
  'insertbreak'                   insert paragraph break into report 

 See also  REP_STATS.

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