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[C,P]=knn(d, Cp, K)

KNN K-Nearest Neighbor classifier using an arbitrary distance matrix

  [C,P]=knn(d, Cp, [K])

  Input and output arguments ([]'s are optional): 
   d     (matrix) of size NxP: This is a precalculated dissimilarity (distance matrix).
           P is the number of prototype vectors and N is the number of data vectors
           That is, d(i,j) is the distance between data item i and prototype j.
   Cp    (vector) of size Px1 that contains integer class labels. Cp(j) is the class of 
            jth prototype.
   [K]   (scalar) the maximum K in K-NN classifier, default is 1
   C     (matrix) of size NxK: integers indicating the class 
           decision for data items according to the K-NN rule for each K.
           C(i,K) is the classification for data item i using the K-NN rule
   P     (matrix) of size NxkxK: the relative amount of prototypes of 
           each class among the K closest prototypes for each classifiee. 
           That is, P(i,j,K) is the relative amount of prototypes of class j 
           among K nearest prototypes for data item i.

 If there is a tie between representatives of two or more classes
 among the K closest neighbors to the classifiee, the class i selected randomly 
 among these candidates.

 IMPORTANT  If K>1 this function uses 'sort' which is considerably slower than 
            'max' which is used for K=1. If K>1 the knn always calculates 
            results for all K-NN models from 1-NN up to K-NN.   


 sP;                           % a SOM Toolbox data struct containing labeled prototype vectors
 [Cp,label]=som_label2num(sP); % get integer class labels for prototype vectors                 
 sD;                           % a SOM Toolbox data struct containing vectors to be classified
 d=som_eucdist2(sD,sP);        % calculate euclidean distance matrix
 class=knn(d,Cp,10);           % classify using 1,2,...,10-rules
 class(:,5);                   % includes results for 5NN 
 label(class(:,5))             % original class labels for 5NN

 EXAMPLE 2 (leave-one-out-crossvalidate KNN for selection of proper K)

 P;                          % a data matrix of prototype vectors (rows)
 Cp;                         % column vector of integer class labels for vectors in P 
 d=som_eucdist2(P,P);        % calculate euclidean distance matrix PxP
 d(eye(size(d))==1)=NaN;     % set self-dissimilarity to NaN:
                             % this drops the prototype itself away from its neighborhood 
                             % leave-one-out-crossvalidation (LOOCV)
 class=knn(d,Cp,size(P,1));  % classify using all possible K
                             % calculate and plot LOOC-validated errors for all K
 failratep = ...
  100*sum((class~=repmat(Cp,1,size(P,1))))./size(P,1); plot(1:size(P,1),failratep) 

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