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Version (date) Zipped files
SOM Toolbox 2.0beta (Aug 7 2003) Functions [421 kB]
SOM Toolbox 2.0beta (Jan 23 2003) Functions [418 kB]
SOM Toolbox 2.0beta (May 30 2002) Functions [416 kB]
Documentation [463 kB]
SOM Toolbox 2.0beta (Dec 21 2001) Functions [363 kB]
Documentation [429 kB]
SOM Toolbox 2.0beta (Nov 10 2000) Functions [359 kB]
Documentation [428 kB]
SOM Toolbox 2.0beta (Jun 16 2000) Functions [332 kB]
Documentation [416 kB]
SOM Toolbox 2.0beta (Apr 20 2000) Functions [320 kB]
Documentation [740 kB]
SOM Toolbox 2.0beta (Apr 11 2000) Functions [320 kB]
Documentation [740 kB]
SOM Toolbox 2.0beta (Feb 18 2000) Functions [312 kB]
Documentation [743 kB]
SOM Toolbox 2.0beta (Feb 15 2000) Functions [312 kB]
Documentation [457 kB]



SOM Toolbox 1.0beta (Sep 16 1999) Functions [276 kB]
Documentation [72 kB]

Here is a list of changes between versions 1 and 2.

Update log

Jan 23rd 2003

  • vis_som_show_data has been modified to be ok with matlab65 and logical variables (double conversion has been added)
  • kmeans function has been changed to som_kmeans
  • kmeans_clusters: cluster indices vector returned by som_kmeans has been transponed so that it is of the same shape than the initialized cluster indices. Parameters of db_index are re_ordered i.e. order of cluster prototypes and indices are changed.

May 30th 2002

  • added functions som_cldist, som_clget, som_clplot, som_clset, som_clspread, som_clstruct, som_cllinkage, som_dmatminima, som_dmatclusters, som_cod2ind, som_ind2cod, db_index, som_gapindex, som_mdist, som_neighbors, som_neighf, som_fillnans, hits, som_distortion3, som_table_struct, som_table_modify, som_table_print, rep_utils, som_stats, som_stats_plot, som_stats_table, som_stats_report, som_drsignif, som_dreval, som_drmake
  • fixed a small bug in som_recolorbar (rounded some tick values to zero)
  • small renovations in kmeans function: added scalar kmeans for dim = 1 case
  • corrected a bug in the Davies-Bouldin definition in kmeans_clusters (now calls db_index function)
  • corrected a bug in som_order_cplanes: covariance was used instead of correlation coefficients
  • added 'weights' option to som_batchtrain
  • added some internal functions to som_fuzzycolor to make it work in enviroments where those functions do not exist in the global scope
  • som_barplane erroneously used 'painters' mode for rendering, which does not work when color of the bars is stated explicitly using color triplets (unless a single color triplet is given). This has now been corrected.

Dec 21th 2001

  • corrected a bug in som_show_add due to which the 'common' setting of 'sizefactor' argument did not work
  • corrected the interpretation of 'subplots' argument of som_show: now the number of subplots is given as in the subplot command
  • corrected a few bugs in calculation of Davies-Bouldin index in kmeans_clusters function
  • added color coding functions som_coloring, som_kmeanscolor2 and som_fuzzycolor
  • a corrected version of knn function which now also works with k=1
  • fixed the 'Save map to workspace' menu item in som_gui: previously, the initialized map was saved, not the trained map
  • fixed a bug in som_topol_struct which crashed map topology if the second eigenvalues was very small (compared to first)
  • added set(gcf,'renderer','zbuffer') to the beginning of som_barplane, since it didn't work with 'painters' mode at all
  • changed som_order_cplanes so that the positions are unique in the 'ring' and 'order' type orderings (as in 'SOM' type)
  • removed set(gcf,'renderer','zbuffer') command from function som_show: it was there to prevent "RGB color data not yet supported in Painter's mode." warning messages, but resulted in figures being written to PostScript files as bitmaps, which made them > 6 MB in size.
  • corrected a bug in som_train_struct which caused the mask to be all ones (even if specified otherwise) in certain situations

Nov 10th 2000

  • added a new version of the kNN algorithm (named knn, the old version is now named knn_old) and two auxiliary functions for it: som_eucdist2 and som_label2num
  • fixed from som_umat a bug that caused the function to return error 'Index exceeds matrix dimensions.' for 1-dimensional maps with hexagonal lattice.
  • fixed som_modify_dataset so that 'addsamp' option can also handled data (and map) structs
  • fixed a bug in vis_valuetype which caused som_grid to reject some valid linetypes (e.g. '--')
  • added som_show_gui (and its internal functions)
  • corrected a small bug in som_recolorbar: in certain situations the output argument was not given a value
  • corrected a small bug in som_linkage: the 'order' output argument was never calculated
  • changed som_show so that the default is now to show denormalized values
  • added colorbars to the component planes of som_plotmatrix function
  • added option 'subplots' to som_show which allows one to specify the size of the subplots grid

Jun 16th 2000

  • added option 'comp' to vis_som_show_data to only retrieve data for component planes
  • changed som_recolorbar a bit:
    • added the same 'comp' option as to vis_som_show_data
    • an 'n' is shown if the data is normalized
    • a vector can be given for 'ticks' argument, which is then applied to all given subplots
    • a scalar can be given for 'ticks' argument: then the ticks are set to n equally spaced values between (and including) minimum and maximum
    • som_recolorbar can now be applied to U-matrices and indexed colorplanes as well
  • changed som_show so that only 3 ticks (min, mean, and maximum) are shown
  • added function som_modify_dataset which makes it easy to add, (re)move, and extract samples and components from data structs
  • added function som_linkage which allows one to apply hierarchical linkage clustering algorithms to SOMs
  • added function som_dendrogram which for the visualization of hierarchical linkage clustering
  • added function som_order_cplanes which can be used to order components (/variables) in different ways and to visualize them
  • changed som_select so that the user can give the selection colors
  • added function vis_planeGetArgs which enables one to give topology structs to som_*plane functions, changed som_*plane functions and som_demo* function accordingly
  • added option 'training' to function som_make.m, using which the default training length can be decreased ('short') or increased ('long'), or given explicitly (e.g. [4 10])
  • corrected a small bug in kmeans.m
  • added 'eval' normalization method to som_norm_variable, corresponding changes made to som_normalize
  • corrected a few bugs in the initialization of 1-D maps
  • corrected a bug in som_read_cod.m which put the labels in wrong order: the change in the order of map units was not taken into account
  • all functions have now a file in the online documentation
  • the scientific papers (toolbox2paper.*) were removed from the documentation zip: you can download them straight from the documentation page

Apr 20th 2000

  • corrected a bug in som_unit_dists.m which made the neighborhood definitions in cylinder and toroid maps slightly wrong
  • renamed 'neigh' field in the grid struct to 'lattice' (this was more logical with respect to the other structs)
  • added 'logistic' normalization function to som_norm_variable

Apr 11th 2000

  • Removed 'qerror' field from the train struct.
  • Added functions som_divide, somtoolbox, som_kmeanscolor and som_bmucolor, and changed the name of som_color_cluster to som_clustercolor.
  • Changed som_gui so that it accepts a data matrix as argument as well, and works also in Matlab 5.2.
  • And numerous smaller changes and bugfixes.

Feb 18th 2000

  • Numerous small updates in files. For example, som_lininit and som_topol_struct should now take incomplete vectors into account, too.
  • Added updated version of our paper in Matlab-DSP'99 conference to the documentation (as Word2000, PDF and PostScript).

Feb 17th 2000

  • Openings of this new SOM Toolbox website featuring a more links, more documentation, new logo, and the official CIS WWW style!

Feb 11th 2000

  • Added new beta version of SOM Toolbox 2.0 with: a lot of new functions, documentation, and some documention.

Dec 2nd '99

  • Added second beta version of SOM Toolbox 2.0. Lot's of small bugs have been fixed (although many still remain), and the visualization function som_show_add should now be functional.

Nov 15th '99

  • Added first beta version of SOM Toolbox 2.0.

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