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SOM in general---SOM visualization---SOM Toolbox

Juha Vesanto and Mika Sulkava (2002). Distance matrix based clustering of the Self-Organizing Map. In José R. Dorronsoro, ed., Proceedings of the Int. Conf. on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN 2002), vol. 2415 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 951-956, Madrid, Spain. Springer. PS

Juha Vesanto and Esa Alhoniemi (2000). Clustering of the Self-Organizing Map. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, 11:3(586-600).

Juha Vesanto, Johan Himberg, Esa Alhoniemi, and Juhan Parhankangas (2000). SOM Toolbox for Matlab 5, Technical Report A57, Helsinki University of Technology, Neural Networks Research Centre.

Industrial applications

Sampsa Laine (2003) Using Visualization, Variable Selection and Feature Extraction to Learn from Industrial Data. Doctoral dissertation. Electronic edition

Johan Himberg, Jussi Ahola, Esa Alhoniemi, Juha Vesanto, and Olli Simula (2001). The Self-Organizing Map as a Tool in Knowledge Engineering. In N. R. Pal, ed., Pattern Recognition in the Soft Computing Paradigm, pp. 38-65. World Scientific Publishing.


Kimmo Raivio, Olli Simula, Jaana Laiho, and Pasi Lehtimäki (2003) Analysis of Mobile Radio Access Network Using the Self-Organizing Map. In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Integrated Network Management, pp. 439-451, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. PDF

Ecology and environment

Mika Sulkava and Jaakko Hollmén (2003). Finding Profiles of Forest Nutrition by Clustering of the Self-Organizing Map. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Self-Organizing Maps (WSOM'03), pp. 243-248, Hibikino, Kitakyushu, Japan. PDF
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