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Intelligent Data Engineering Group

The Intelligent Data Engineering Group consists of researchers in the Laboratory of Computer and Information Science (CIS) at the Helsinki University of Technology (HUT). The group is headed by professor Olli Simula.


To participate in developing and applying the machine learning, data mining, and visualization methods studied in CIS, and especially, delivering knowledge and know-how of these methods to our industrial partners.

Developing Data Mining, Data Exploration and Information Visualization methods for solving problems in

  • monitoring and controlling industrial processes,
  • telecommunications systems,
  • ecology, and
  • economy.

In these fields, the group has strong contributions to methods based on Self-Organizing Map (SOM). Some present and former members of the group have developed the SOM Toolbox software.

Publications and projects
Selected publications 2000-2004
All publications 1995-2001.

Membersarea of interest
Prof. Olli Simula (head of the group)
Mr. Pasi Lehtimäki telecom: network management
Mr. Jukka Parviainen signal processing: pedagogy
Dr. Kimmo Raivio telecom: network management
Mr. Timo Similä visualization of manifolds
Dr. Miki Sirola industrial applications
Mr. Mika Sulkava ecology and environment
Mr. Jarkko Tikka ecology, environment and process industry
Prof. Jaakko Hollmen ecology and environment, bioinformatics
Former personnel
Mr. Jussi Ahola (industrial data analysis), Dr. Esa Alhoniemi (industrial data analysis, SOM Toolbox), Dr. Johan Himberg (industrial data analysis, SOM Toolbox), Mr. Pekka Hippeläinen (ecology and environment), Dr. Sampsa Laine (industrial data analysis), Mr. Golan Lampi (industrial data analysis), Mr. Teppo Marin (industrial data analysis), Mr. Juha Parhankangas (SOM Toolbox), Dr. Juha Vesanto (SOM in data mining, SOM Toolbox).
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