ICANN 2011 - Machine learning re-inspired by brain and cognition

An annual conference of the
European Neural Network Society


The International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN) is the annual flagship conference of the European Neural Network Society (ENNS). The ideal of ICANN is to bring together researchers from two worlds: information sciences and neurosciences. The scope is wide, ranging from machine learning algorithms to models of real nervous systems. The aim is to facilitate discussions and interactions in the effort towards developing more intelligent artificial systems and increasing our understanding on neural and cognitive processes in the brain.

In 2011, ICANN returns to its roots after 20 years. The very first ICANN in 1991 was organized on the premises of Helsinki University of Technology on its beautiful campus in Espoo, Finland. We invite all neural network researchers worldwide to join us in celebrating this 20th anniversary of ICANN and to see the latest advancements in our fast progressing field.

ICANN 2011 will have two tracks: Brain-inspired computing and Machine learning research, with PC chairs from both worlds and a renewed reviewing system. Keynote speakers and competitions will highlight cross-disciplinary interactions and applications.

Full programme available!

The ICANN 2011 programme is now available on the programme page.