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T-61.6020: Seminar presentations 2007

To pass the course, you must be present at the seminar presentations, and give one presentation yourself.

Listening to presentations

Please read the chapter and do the exercise problems before the presentation. What are the main points? Draw a concept map of the chapter. Is there anything that could be clarified (to you or someone else) during the lecture? Please feel free to comment or ask questions during and after the presentation.

You should also do some exercise problems after the presentation.

Preparing a presentation

The presentations are given according to a timetable in the course main page. If you cannot give a seminar in a given date (e.g., you are ill), please contact us immediately - this way we can organize some replacement program.

Presentations on some longer chapters are given by two students. If you are sharing a chapter, then please contact your counterpart well in advance and agree on how you are going to prepare the presentation. You are encouraged to discuss and prepare the presentation together.

Please notice that the chapters are quite wide in topics. Please select what you are going to present appropriately. In particular, you cannot go through all the details of one chapter in one lecture.

You can assume that the audience has (at least cursorily) read the chapter, solved some problems and that they know the basic math (first two years' mathematics courses). However, please be aware that someone might not have prior knowledge of pattern recognition and machine learning from outside this course.

You can use slides. Probably it is good idea at least to show some figures on the slides, as well as the main points of your presentation. (Notice that you can download the figures appearing in the book from Bishop's web site.) However, it is probably a good idea also to use whiteboard. Try to make your presentation such that it would be interesting and help you to understand the contents of the chapter (if someone else would be giving presentation on your topic).

You should plan a 45 minute presentation. This, added with (hopefully lots) of discussion, should fill the 90 minute time slot (two 45 minute lectures).

Please deliver the PDF's of your slides to the assistant on the previous Friday, at latest. They will then appear on the course web site.

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