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T-61.6020: Exercise problems 2007

To pass the course, you need to get at least 50% of the required points, that is, 54 points (maximum points are 2*10+11*8=108, 50% of that is 54).

Please see the points awarded for solving the problems. If your total score is less than 54 and you want to pass the course with grade "passed", then you should solve any problems from Bishop's book worth total of n stars (different problems than you have solved previously and not of the problems for which there is a web solution available at the Bishop's web site) and submit your solutions to the assistant ( or Mikko Korpela, PL 5400, 02015 TKK) on 14 May 2007, at latest, where n is defined as a function of your total score s as follows: n=ceiling(1.2*(54-s)). Please note that in order to get full points of the problems you must solve them correctly, as before.

You should submit the solved problems to the assistant at the given date, at latest. Solutions submitted late do not count in grading. If you cannot make it to some lecture, you can submit the problems on the previous lecture or directly to the assistant.

The problems should be completed by one person. However, discussing the problems with others is encouraged.

The problems are announced (at least) two weeks before the submission deadline in this page.

The numbers (1.1–1.41 etc.) refer to the problems in the Bishop's book.

The problems are classified with 1–3 stars (*="Simple exercise taking few minutes to complete", ***="Significantly more complex exercise"). You get one point for one star; a good faith attempt to approximately correct direction will get half of the stars (at the discretion of the assistant).

Please estimate time it took you to complete the problems, and write this to the problem sheet. (We may adjust the required points based on these estimates.)

Please add a simple cover page to your solutions. On the cover page, you should mark which exercises you have solved. The cover page is also the best place for the time estimates.

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