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About This Guide

Partial Table-of-Contents

  • Who Should Use It
  • How To Use It
  • Typographic Conventions
  • Related Publications and Sources
  • IBM Publications
  • Non-IBM Publications
  • Other sources of information

  • This manual is a guide to using IBM Visualization Data Explorer* for:

    Who Should Use It

    This Guide is intended for users of different degrees of knowledge and experience with graphical programs:


    The non-programmer can learn how to use previously created visual programs to examine data sets (e.g., modifying one or more inputs to a visual program and saving and restoring the results).


    The programmer can learn how to use:

    • the visual programming interface to create visual programs and applications.
    • the scripting language to create visualizations.

    This Guide assumes that you have some knowledge of the operating system and the X Window System** being used, as well as of OSF**/Motif**. For more information, see IBM AIXwindows User's Guide or the appropriate window system documentation.

    In this Guide, any reference to the X Window System means any window server that supports the X11 protocol, including Sun's OpenWindows**.
    The Motif window manager, mwm, has been used in many figures and examples in this Guide. Please use the appropriate window manager for your system, such as vuewm (Hewlett-Packard), 4dwm (SGI), or olwm (Sun). Since title bars and window borders are features of a window manager, the appearance of your windows may differ slightly from those in the figures and examples.

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