IBM Visualization Data Explorer Installation and Configuration Guide

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10.2 Installing on an SGI Workstation from CD-ROM

CD-ROM distributions of Data Explorer contain a mountable file system that includes the installation scripts ( for Data Explorer and for the NetLS license server software), the software itself (in tar format) and documentation. The NetLS license server is used to support the standard licensing mechanism used for Data Explorer.

To install Data Explorer, log in as root, insert the distribution media in the drive, and type:

mkdir /cdrom

Mount the CD on /cdrom by entering the following command:

mount -r -t iso9660 <CD-ROM-Device> /cdrom
where <CD-ROM-device> is the actual name of the CD-ROM drive on your system. A typical name is /dev/scsi/sc0d0l0.


cd /cdrom
./ <platform>
<platform> is used to indicate the platform for which the Data Explorer files will be extracted. The supported platforms are:
alphax, aviion, hp700, ibm6000, sgi, solaris, sun4

This argument is optional and the default is the host platform (sgi).

The installation script will ask if you want to install or deinstall Data Explorer and then a series of questions related to the installation. You will be given the opportunity to set the installation directory and to select the Data Explorer subsystems to install.

When doing an installation for an architecture other than the current host, you may need to run the Configure script provided with Data Explorer on the workstations to which you expect to export the Data Explorer installation tree. See Chapter 13. "The Configure Script".

After installation and configuration is complete, which may take as much as 30 minutes, you will be provided with a unique workstation (node) identifier that must be provided to IBM to acquire the enabling license information. See 10.3 , "Configuring a Data Explorer License for an SGI Workstation" for information on how to reacquire the identifier (if you lose it) and on how to use the node identifier to enable Data Explorer.

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