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Machine learning guest lectures 2007 - T-61.3050

There will be two machine learning guest lectures in lecture hall T1 of the TKK Computer Science Building (Konemiehentie 2, Espoo) on 27 November 2007 at 10-12 o'clock:

Juha Vesanto (Xtract):
Data Mining in Practice
How to make succesfull analytics/data mining in an industry/corporate environment. Principles and a case study.

Jyrki Alakuijala (Google):
Machine Learning Methods in Web Search
Google is using machine learning methods in the presence of erroneous user queries and documents of low quality. Differences between a traditional information retrieval corpora and the web, and implications of these differences for improving queries and modeling the web are discussed. Inferring meaning from context and using this additional context for query expansion improves the quality of search results.

The lectures are part of T-61.3050 Machine Learning: Basic Principles, a bachelor level course at TKK introducing the principles of machine learning. All interested - not only the participants of the course - are free to participate to the lectures.

Later during the same day beginning at 16:15, in the same place, the Google will organize a recruitment oriented event.

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